Wendy M. Gerdau ISA CAPP Founder and CEO

Welcome to Treasures Estate Sales, Inc.

Treasures has evolved over the past thirty years into the premier estate sale service throughout California. After losing members of my immediate family, I was faced with liquidating the contents of one household after another. It was overwhelming, painful and time consuming. In searching for assistance, I realized that the expertise I was looking for did not exist.

Treasures Estate Sales, Inc. was born out of the awareness that there were many other people who needed the same kind of assistance. I realized that my personal standard of excellence and knowledge as an appraiser could be of great value to individuals during a sensitive transition.

“No one does it like Treasures” is a phrase that resonates during the estate sale process from our clients and their family members. Every client is a reflection of the highest level of service in the estate sale industry. Your circumstances, individual needs and time tables are the focus throughout the Treasures experience.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to assisting you and your family with elegance and dignity.


Wendy M. Gerdau